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Representative Stephen Meeks
Representative Stephen Meeks
Exciting News!!! The CARESAct Steering Committee approved our $100M request for broadband expansion in our state. This is not only going to help expand broadband access, but create the jobs to implement the expansion.

As you know I have been working on this issue for sometime.

At a meeting with the Governor - who has been very supportive of this effort - on Tuesday, he asked me how much we should request. I told him $100M. He felt we could do that and it was approved by the committee today. It will need final approval from Legislative Council, which should happen later this month.

I worked with Sen. Jane English, Sen. Irvin, Rep. Wardlaw, Speaker Shepard and others to get the support to help make this investment in our future.
Representative Stephen Meeks
Representative Stephen Meeks
The numbers for July are in and they look encouraging for our state and our conservative policies.

"State tax officials said Tuesday that Arkansas' July net available general revenue was $665.9 million, up 43.9% from the same month last year and 8.6% above forecast.

John Shelnutt, the state's economic forecaster, called the report “stunning.”

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I appreciate the CARESAct Steering Committee for approving our $100M request for broadband expansion.

I've been honored to work with Sen. English, @ARSenMissyIrvin, @Matt_J_Shepherd, @JimHendren1 and @AsaHutchinson so we can make this investment in our future.

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 Did you know:  Rep. Meeks is the senior member of the Arkansas House of Representatives.

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