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Representative Stephen Meeks
Representative Stephen Meeks
Governor Asa Hutchinson has ordered the United States flag and state flag of Arkansas to fly at half-staff in tribute to the memory of Pea Ridge Police Officer Kevin Apple. Flags are to remain at half-staff until the day of interment.

Officer Apple was killed in the line of duty on Saturday, June 26, 2021.

A 23-year veteran of law enforcement, Officer Apple served the city of Pea Ridge for the past three years.

Officer Apple's bravery and actions will be inspiration for all Arkansans and is worthy of our remembrance.

Governor Hutchinson released the following statement:

"I am deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Pea Ridge police officer Kevin Apple. My prayers are with Officer Apple’s family and the entire Pea Ridge community during this time."
Representative Stephen Meeks
Representative Stephen Meeks
Community Updates:


>>> Rent Relief
On May 17, the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) is launching the new Arkansas Rent Relief Program to offer rent and utility help to eligible Arkansans who:

• are unable to pay upcoming rent and utilities or

• who have overdue rent and utility bills

We are asking community partners to help make sure Arkansans who need help find out about this program. We are also asking our community partners to help us spread the word and help eligible renters apply if they need help. You can find additional information at:

>>> Refusal of Work Reporting
Many employers are having trouble finding workers due to the generous UI benefits. I've heard of many cases where employers hired an individual and they did not show. The applicant was simply "gaming" the system to get their weekly contacts in so they can stay on Unemployment. This increases cost to employers, which is eventually passed on to everyone else.

To combat this DWS has setup the following website where employers can report applicants they've hired. If the applicant doesn't show up for work, they'll be deemed to have voluntarily quit, and lose partial / all eligibility to Unemployment benefits.


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Drone photo of the storm to the east of Greenbrier. It was producing quite a bit of lightning.

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Bribing people to get vaccinated is never going to work and is ethically questionable. Everyone knows the situation and risks and it comes down to personal choice. This is a waste of tax dollars.
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An Arkansas program that provides lottery tickets and other incentives for vaccinations isn't working, officials say | #arnews

 Did you know:  Rep. Meeks is the senior member of the Arkansas House of Representatives.

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