Experience Matters 

When You’re in Need
If you or a neighbor has an issue with a state agency you want to know your Representative has the knowledge, experience, and influence to get it resolved.  Having helped numerous constituents with a variety of issues, chances are I have already come across and know how to get results.  As the senior member of the House I know who to go to and have the influence to get your issue resolved in a timely fashion.   In the past few months I have gotten calls from citizens outside our district because they’ve heard from constituents how I helped them.

When Tragedy Strikes
If / when tragedy strikes our communities you want to known your leaders are prepared.  I have been through three tornadoes in our district, spent weeks on-site and brought in resources to help in the recovery efforts. I know what to do to get the resources our communities need.  I even conduct training for other legislators on how to handle these situations. Would my challenger know what to do, who to call, or how to get help?

The State Budget
The budget manuals for the state’s budget literally stack two feet high.  It takes years to fully understand how it works and the particulars of how the various agencies operate.  I have eliminated over a dozen pieces of special language and not a budget session passes without me recommending cuts or changes to improve government efficiency.  If I am not re-elected, the way the budget process works, it would be the fall of 2020 before my challenger got his first detailed look at the budget.

A Servant Leader

A Pizza Delivery Man
I have a part-time job working as a pizza delivery man.  A lot of people like the idea of their legislator having a regular job, earning extra income the old fashioned way, staying grounded in the struggles everyday Arkansas’ face, and not being “too important” to work a “mundane” minimum wage job.  A national publication did a story on it: “The unexpected jobs your state lawmakers have outside the office”

Encouraging Students to Reach for the Stars!
One of the ways I give back to the community is by encouraging students to explore STEM through space.  For years I’d take my telescope to local schools / scout groups to show them the moon and stars.  Last year, I was able to purchase a used portable planetarium.  I’ve traveled to schools and visited groups in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.  I conducted space tours for over 5,000 students last year and we’re on target to surpass it this year.  Learn more about the SkyDome Program.

National Level

Energy Supply Task Force
The National Conference of State Legislators is the national organization of state legislative bodies that represents states before Congress and recommends / acts as a resource for states.  I am the only Arkansas representative on the Energy Supply Task Force.  This committee recommends energy policies to state and federal leaders on everything dealing with energy.  If I fail to be re-elected Arkansas will lose representation on the committee.

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